Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Rest day

As usual I was up about 5.30 am, I love this time of day and watching the sun rise. This mornings sunrise was beautiful and I hoped for a lovely day, how wrong can you be?
By 6am the snow was coming down hard, I felt sorry for the little lambs in the field outside as they huddled next to their mothers.
Chris decided we would have a rest from Off Roading and go out for lunch. About half an hour from here is a great complex of shops called Harry Tuffin. The shop sells everything from food, garden plants, pound shop, post office, newsagent, cafe etc etc.. We bought a few things in the shop and had a fish and chip lunch with hot drinks for £10.30.
Back at the house we spent the afternoon, Chris on his laptop, me crocheting or playing backgammon on my iPad. Between snow and hail showers the sun shone brightly such a strange weather day.
Sun rise and hardly a cloud in the sky

working on my Mandala

Having chosen the colours myself I am really pleased with the way it is turning out.
Choosing colours is not something I usually do, I am a pattern follower!

The hills are covered in snow

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