Monday, 25 April 2016

Our first off road day

Sunday I awoke to a beautiful sunrise and although the forecast again was not good we decided to go off roading. How wrong can the weather people be? We had lots of sunshine with about three spots of rain as the mist rolled over the hills.
Chris had planned routes from the coast back to where we are staying. Wales has some great off road lanes and tracks. We started in Fairbourne on the coast and travelled along tiny lanes edged with crumbling stone walls, tracks through farm lands and at one point along extremely rough stone forest tracks.
The views and absolute silence are amazing. In fact during the seven hours off road we only met three other 4 x 4 vehicles and they were all travelling together.
Our packed lunch was spent overlooking a pretty valley and surrounded by hills, this is the life.
Tired and ready for dinner we headed back to the Granary, the journey is to be continued....

first of many gates

70p Toll bridge

very narrow gates

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