Friday, 8 April 2016

IAM with a house full

All the members of my IAM group turned up yesterday for a day of sewing, crochet, etc etc.. plus my two grandaughters also joined us for the morning, so it was a house full with the ten of us in my Happy Room.
The girls loved the day and were keen to make all the drinks, so we were treated to a lot of tea, coffee, soft drinks etc all day.
After lunch they were keen to show off their "show and tell" and I must admit I was a bit lax with the photographs, but here are the few I did take.
Abigail's first attempt at making a purse with a zip all in the hoop on the embroidery machine.

Maureen's clock, made for a challenge in a group she belongs to.

Penny's sewing bag with all the extra items to go in it

Dorn's completed quilt

Eleanor with her cuddly cushion that she made

Abigail's first crochet sampler turned into a ring.

Eleanor's kumihimo that will be turned into bag handles on their next visit

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