Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sewing Kit

Having found a new, to me, place to buy machine embroidery designs I purchased a sewing kit pattern. Design from Inspirations Mutz.

I thought I would have a trial run at sewing it out and although I made a few mistakes, really should learn to read the instructions! I  managed to complete the kit. In fact having now re-read the instructions they are very clear and well written.

My first mistake was I loaded the pattern onto my USB and then proceeded to sew out the Main part first... mistake it should have been Part One first [ I think the clue is in the name!] which is then cut out and when the main part is sewn the Part One goes on top to complete the sewing kit. Luckily rescue was at hand as I have two large hoops and was able to make each part seperately without unhooping.
Next mistake was to stuff the heart pincushion to full so the sewing machine could not get around it... a quick unpick and removal of some of the filling and all was OK.

An ideal kit to take on holiday.


Christa said...

That sewing kit is super cute. Love your color choices.

Judypam said...

That is really lovely - well done for overcoming the obstacles and getting it finished. x

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