Monday, 25 April 2016

The Welshpool & Llanfair railway

After a good nights sleep in a very comfy bed (gosh I sound like the advert!) we drove into the village to catch the 10am train to Welshpool. What a treat riding in this beautifully restored Light Railway.
Built on 2ft 6inch tracks to allow for the tight curves and steep gradients the railway originally was used to link farming communities and closed in 1956.
In 1960 a group of enthusiasts began to reopen the line and the work still goes on.
Sitting on wooden slatted seats, opening the window with a leather strap and the 'fish and chip' sound as it chugged along were all very nostalgic. The train travelled the eight mile journey stopping at lanes and road crossings through the delightful Banwy Valley.
Half an hour wait at Welshpool and we chose a different carriage to make the return journey in. This time the carriage was a gift from Austria with small compartments. £11.80 return ticket well spent.
waiting for the train

Beautiful scenery

Carriage to Welshpool

returning in a different carriage

Welshpool Train station

The age of steam

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