Wednesday, 19 October 2016

4x4 rescue team and the Owl bag

Sunday saw Chris going off to practice a rescue with the Northants 4x4 Rescue team. The senario was a plane had crashed into a hot air balloon. Hopefully he will never be called to the real thing but as a volunteer at least once a year they have a full scale practice.

The weather could not have been worse it was pouring with rain all morning while he was out.

This has been a difficult week for me as I wait to go into hospital on Thursday but Tuesday three friends joined me for our monthly workshop. Pauline had organised the day and we all made an owl bag, which although a lot of work I really enjoyed. Christine had just had her birthday so treated us all to a lemon drizzle cake she had made, yummy.
Penny and Pauline working on their bags.

We all liked Christine's choice of bright colours

My bag is growing

Pauline [ teacher ] completed bag.
The day went far too quickly and was enjoyed by all.  I think I especially enjoyed the day as it will probably be some time before I can machine again until my new knee heals.

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