Thursday, 13 October 2016

Bargain of the Day

One of our favorite places to donate charity goods is Emmaus Village near Turvey Bedfordshire. However while searching for something else on Google I came across an Emmaus shop in Hinkley Leicestershire. It is further to travel but we thought it would make for a nice morning out, which it did. The autumn colours on the back roads were a picture, even though I hate to think of Winter being just around the corner!

The Emporium - Emmaus Leicestershire & Rutland

All sounds very grand, and the web site said there was a cafe so off we set. Well the place looks like a bit of a dump outside and even inside did not look too promising, but we were surprised by the amount of "stuff" in the warehouse. A real rummage for a bargain building.

I had been looking for a fold up bed and found just what I wanted made by Ikea and looking like it had never been used. With one of the Companions help Chris managed to get it in the car and we paid the £30, a real bargain. While this was all happening I ordered us a coffee for him and chocolate for me plus two home made Cornish pasties... cost £2 the pasties were free!

While eating the pasties I notices a large tub of knitting needles and sorted out some I would like plus some much needed elastic, guess how much ?  £2 the lot.
My £2 bargain bundle
All in all a great morning out, forgot to mention we donated two large bags of "stuff" so the house is a little emptier.

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