Friday, 7 October 2016

Ups and Downs of the week

What a busy week, most of the time forgetting to use my camera!

Sunday we had a joint birthday party here, Abigail reached the teenage mark! Chris had a birthday while we were away, Eleanor and Richard both have birthdays within the next week. It was lovely seeing the family and enjoying time together.

Also this week I had an optician appointment which I am so pleased to say went OK and no need for new glasses, Chris was also OK. I went for my pre-op assessment at the Three Shires Hospital which involved two hours of not stop tests and questions, hopefully all is OK and I will go into hospital on Oct 20th for another knee replacement.

On the plus side I attended the twice monthly meeting of Hamtune Quilters, the speaker was Marion Maule, she is always extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. Her talk was based around a sampler made in the 1700's which now hangs in the Higgins Museum Bedford. I really must try and get over there to see the original one day.

I also attended a workshop at the newly organised Colemans Warehouse [ near Rushden] with a friend from church Ana Cecelia. The alterations mean there is now a first floor with lift and it was all so nice and new. We made Christmas wall / lap quilts.

Ana Cecelia taking instruction from Trish

View from the new workshop floor, with a pretty little cafe in the corner.

My Attic Window Christmas panel waiting for the binding to be sewn down.

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