Sunday, 2 October 2016

THE most expensive socks

Wow I have finished my first pair of hand knitted socks. What a journey, having never knitted with five needles before I fought my way to a comfortable position using them, they say its like taming the hedgehog! and they are right.
The pattern I am using and the facebook group I joined [ Winwickmum] recommend using a circular needle or smaller needles than I could buy in Spain, so I ordered both for my arrival home. I had already tried and failed with a long circular needle also bought in Spain.

Armed with my new needles I tried the 30cm 2.5 circular needle, but it made my hands hurt, so tried the SIX ! 10cm 2.5 wooden needles, they looked so pretty but again I struggled handling them, so back to the original 5 20cm long 2.5 needles and I have managed to complete my first pair of socks.

I also bought one of those little counter things you stick on the end of normal [ two needle] knitting but it was so fiddly, I sent for a click type counter which I find easier to use.

So ONE pair of socks
Pack of 5 20cm metal needles
Pack of 6 10cm  wooden needles
80cm circular needle
30cm circular needle
Pair of needle counters
Clicker counter
and oh yes a ball of wool   all for one pair of socks !
Pleased with the most expensive pair of socks ever!
The final straw when I wound the remaining wool into a ball, hubby said "is that for darning them". They are to nice to wear, I'm just going to spend the next few days stroking them!

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