Saturday, 21 September 2013

11th - 13th SPAIN

During these few days we seemed to cram in a lot of activity. Pat took us to a very nice Hotel on the sea front for Happy Hour, then across the promenade to Pier Restaurant for a three course meal for a mere 69 Euros. The setting was wonderful.
One day was spent with borrowed sewing machines working on designs Pauline and I had taken with us to Spain to teach Pat a few new things. The room fans kept the temperature in the house bearable while we worked on samples and bottle covers etc..
Back to Lui's Lounge for his wonderful fish and chips on the Friday.

Chris using the new vacuum cleaner

Progress on the Amish X stitch

Pat, Pauline and I have a sewing day

Sewing completed on the sewing day

Brian and Chris enjoying Happy Hour

Eating dinner with Pat Brian and Pauline on the Pier

Starters on the Pier Restaurant

Fish & chips at Lui's Lounge

The BEST Fish & Chips

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quiltergirl424 said...

Those fish and chips were the best, we shallbe there again Friday..

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