Saturday, 21 September 2013

8th - 10th SPAIN

This is a re-cap of our second week in Spain.
The temperature was in the low 30's most of the time but reached 35 degrees one day.. very hot!
A trip through the countryside to see the Design House was very interesting, we passed a Restaurant at Rebate that is on our list for next year.
Asked the villa owner, Mike, if we could book for 4 weeks next year and as the vacuum cleaner had broken we bought a new one as our deposit!
Our friends Pauline & Brian arrive to stay in the villa next to ours, so we start with a meal out at Route 66.

Swimming pool viewed from our roof

Washing on the roof dry in 1/2 a day!

Sun set from the roof

Restaurant at Rebate

Olives growing in the Rebate grounds

Turtle at Rebate

View from the Grand Design House

Grand Design House
Pauline & Brian join us for meal at Route 66

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quiltergirl424 said...

Hoping to go to the Grand Design house this next week. Whole holiday just superb, still very warm here

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