Saturday, 21 September 2013

14th - 18th SPAIN

More visits to street markets. One being a Charity stall market, where I bought amongst other things a skirt and matching top for 1 Euro [80p]. A girl was sitting painted gold from head to top knitting, a donation in her cup meant I could have my photo taken with her.
On one of the very hot days we took a trip to the Ricote Valley [ Air conditioner in the car full on!] with a visit to Thermal baths to see the roman ruins.
Wednesday saw us back at the Camp Site just up the road for the quiz evening, we went early enough to eat before the fun began. Having again won biscuits and wine for the worse score in the quiz! we stayed for a game of deal or no deal, where Pauline was chosen [by admission ticket] to play the game, she won 25 Euros.

Street Market at Alcazares

"Gold" lady sitting knitting

Archaeological ruins

Map of the Ricots Valley

Ricote Valley

Colourful rock formations

Water Wheel

More progress on the X stitch

Me paddling in the sea

Chris enjoying the sea
Wash basin in the toilets at Des Mares
Chris enjoying a Tony Burger!
Pauline chosen to play Deal or No deal
Pauline with her 25 Euro winnings.

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quiltergirl424 said...

Next year the pair of you will probably be swimming in the sea. Wasn't that a good laugh deal or no deal. You have some rally good pics.

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