Saturday, 21 September 2013

19th - 20th SPAIN

Our final few days, were spent sun bathing, shopping [ many bargains from a local Cancer Charity shop] working on my Amish x stitch, playing backgammon on my iPad and generally enjoying ourselves.

One of the acrobatic planes that flew over regularly

Outdoor BBQ

BBQ 7 - 11.30 at Cafe Golf
Singer as Diana Ross
Final progress on the Amish X stitch
Our final evening in San Javier was spent at an outdoor buffet with live entertainment by the Caballeros. Four singers performed for 3 hours, dresses as the Beatles, Abba, Sister Act, Buddy Holly, ELO, Andrews sister, Mick Jagger and many others. They were really great.
Our last day 20th was spent packing eating fish and chips [ we just could not resist them] and driving back to Alicante to catch our 7.40pm flight with Monarch, all went smoothly and we were home about 11.30pm very tired but having enjoyed one of the best holidays.


quiltergirl424 said...

Oh what a night fantastic. Great seeing the progress you made on the Amish X Stitch..

Christa said...

Enjoyed your Spain-report. James and I loved Spain this spring. He is thinking of walking another Camino coming year! Did you see his blog?

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