Monday, 30 September 2013


cuddles with Grandad
I've no idea where the last ten years went, but today is Abigail's tenth birthday.
The Right / Left game
More bubbles and fun
Walking the plank in the garden
Ten candles on the cake
I remember vividly the day she was born, our first grandchild arrived by emergency Cesarean and was then in a special care unit, we were all so worried for her and her mother, Jacqueline.
A few days later they were allowed home and she has brought such joy to the whole family.

Yesterday the family came for lunch and after a roast pork dinner, we played parcel the jelly! A version of pass the parcel! with cries of "another game please Grandma" I quickly wrapped 6 more items for a Right / Left game at the table.

Then time for a breath of fresh air and we all had bubbles in the garden and then games of Boules on the side lawn.

Richard had made Abigail her favourite chocolate cake, which we all tucked into.


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quiltergirl424 said...

Looks like you all had a lovely day and the weather looked glorious

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