Tuesday, 25 March 2014

25th March 1972

Today Chris and I are celebrating our 42nd Wedding Anniversary.
We met on holiday in Jersey [Channel Island] in August 1971 when I picked up a couple of male hitchhikers in my rented hire car. Not something anyone in their right mind would do these days.
We travelled around the island as a friendly group of three and corresponded when we all went home.
Chris and his friend lived 100 miles from me, but I invited Chris to a New Years party on Dec 30th and romance blossomed.
We met a few more times and in February Chris asked me to marry him by getting down on one knee in a pub surrounded by people!
The separation of 100 miles was very tiring as we tried to see each other every weekend so on Wednesday 22nd March Chris met me out of work [ when I was not expecting to see him] and produced a special marriage licence for 3 days later!  We both told our parents that evening and rushed to make some arrangements.
Saturday March 25th we were married with our family present, at The Swanspool Registry Office, Wellingborough Northamptonshire. A fish and chip supper at my parents became our reception meal and a long weekend at my Aunts house our honeymoon. Then Chris had to go back to work in Whitchurch Hampshire until he could get a transfer to the Post Office [ he was a telephone engineer] in Northampton.
Thank you Chris for 42 years wonderful years.


quiltergirl424 said...

Congratulations and what a lovely romantic story, have a lovely day

Diane-crewe said...

congratulations to you both .. just shows .. let some bloke into your car and you cant get rid of him xx lol x hope you had a special celebration x

Christa said...

What a lovely story. Best to discourage your granddaughters though to pick up hitch-hikers. Times were different. Thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary!!!

Christa said...

Oh yes, and I love that photo!

FinoFiend said...

Wonderful story, Diana! Those were the days, weren't they? I was married in 1973 so I can relate.

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