Friday, 7 March 2014

March already!

Well here we are well into March and the last few days have been rather sad and upsetting. Two of the members of our little IAM group [ there are only eight of us]  husbands have had a stroke. Jenny's husband Ray is still in hospital but recovering slowly, while Clare's husband David is recovering at home. We missed them at out IAM meeting yesterday but wish their husbands a speedy recovery.

Needless to say with much talk and updates on peoples health the meeting got off to a slow start, plus both Ann and I are still recovering from our knee replacements... Oh the joy of getting old!

Finally we settled down to our sewing projects and then lunch with a delicious dessert brought by Ann.
Next came Show n Tell time, always something to look forward to.
Dorn had yet another ring of hearts, I think it's her third! Very pretty. Maureen showed her challenge from another group she belongs to, but it has to be secret for now! Penny produced a bag full of goodies, a beautiful machine embroidery and applique wall hanging, a small disappearing nine patch quilt and a wonderful cat door stop. Ann had made some wonderful greetings cards with 3D fronts. Shirley was on a 'make it small' kick and produced sets of crocheted mats, pincushions, bowls etc from a never ending bag. I showed the progress on my Life is Beautiful quilt and a Biscornu pin cushion made on a recent mini workshop.
Penny's cat

Wall hanging

Dorn's hearts

Shirley's coasters

Wall hanging

Sugar stiffened bowls

Shirley's pincushions

I also showed the heart bags I intend making with a group at Church later this month, and of course everyone wanted to make one, so my felt stash was used and an instant workshop meant everyone produced one to take home.
Ann's heart
Heart workshop

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Christa said...

I keep wondering what IAM stands for. Your group sounds like so much fun!

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