Thursday, 13 March 2014


It was such a nice sunny day yesterday we decided to visit the Water Gardens, but sadly it was closed until April. A couple of other places we thought would be nice to visit were also still closed for the Winter.
Eventually we saw a sign for Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens so decided to go there.  The entrance fee was very expensive, which had we known in advance would probably have meant we would not have gone! However we were in for a treat, the Camellias were in full bloom some as tall as a house, there were also Rhododendrons just coming into flower. The palms gave the whole place a real tropical feel. I managed to do a fare amount of walking, all be it slowly, and we enjoyed our visit.
Suntropical gardens


Lunch time saw us in Morrison's cafe having a very nice sandwich.

I felt I could probably cope with a little more walking so we went into town and I bought a few new clothes. Now I knew I could walk no more so we went back to the hotel for a very nice dinner.

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