Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Harry Potter's World

We arrived at Warner Bros Studio yesterday morning around 10.30am and started the tour with a film show telling the story of the making of Harry Potter. This was followed by going through the doors into the Great Hall. The attention to detail that would easily be missed watching the HP films was incredible. We then wandered through the film sets and half way around the tour we went outside to see the actual bus used in the movie, the Ford Anglia and Privet Drive etc. Back into the building and my favourite part was seeing the way they build Hagrid to be a giant and all the makeup and electronics.  Chris was in charge of my camera and here are a few of the many photos he took...
Chris on the night bus

Display cabinet

Some of the many costumes

In the Alley

"Diet" chocolate


more costumes

The great hall

Harry's bedroom under the stairs

leaving the studio

Incredible model



Original paper mock up

In the great hall

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FinoFiend said...

If I ever make it over the pond, I'm putting that on my To-Do list! It looks like such fun and so very interesting.


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