Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bump Bump Bump

Another day of Green laning in the Land Rover.

The September edition of the magazine Total Off-Road has a series of Tulip Maps for an off road course in Northamptonshire, so we decided to make the most of the nice sunny day and follow the route.

I like reading the Tulip maps now I have worked out how to read them!

The route stared in Newton Bromswold and ended 58 miles later near a pub somewhere [ not sure of the villages name!] It was a very bumpy route with huge ruts, but the ground was very dry and so no mud.

reading the tulip maps

Trees heavy with Sloes

Rutland Water from the Byway
Fields now harvested for the winter

New trainers just for Off roading.. guess they will not stay clean long!


Christa said...

Treas heavy with sloes? Had to look it up. Are you going to make sloe gin now? Your blogs are always interesting. Thanks!

Happy Room Diana said...

I've no idea what you can do with Sloes, other than Sloe Gin and I do not drink alcohol so did not pick any!

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