Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day FIVE of the granddaughters visit

Sizzix cut flowers

Sorting the bead boxes

Eleanor said she was concentrating

Abigail took off her shoes to sew

Eleanor's left, Abigail's right
 Friday and the last day of the granddaughters visit so what to do... someone should write a Grandma list to help with this. Also we awoke to rain, so another day in the Happy Room..

The girls started by cutting green fabric that I had backed with Heat-n-Bond to look like grass and flower stems.

Next more Heat-n-Bonded fabric was cut on the Sizzix, how they love using that! into flower shapes for mix and match.. they then ironed them on themselves under my watchful eye.

Next came the "lets empty Grandma's button boxes" to find centers for the flowers and some decorative beads for added interest along the grass.

I am now exhausted and too tired to fix up the Featherweight they usually use so let them use my Brother Innovis 350 to sew wadding and backing onto their creations.

Well done girls the pictures are A+


JaneT said...

Darling children and a wonderful granny helping them to craft. Looks like you have a great job of teaching them. You are building them some wonderful memories!!

Ginny said...

What a wonderful grandma you are! I used to do craft projects with my mother (not my grandmother, she was more a baseball fan) and I think that's why I love crafts and quilting so much now.

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