Friday, 30 August 2013

Grandma to the rescue

Arriving home last night I was asked to have the granddaughters from 8.30 this morning, and then take them to Summer School for 1pm and collect them at 5pm.
"Oh and by the way" Abigail needs a necktie in shocking pink for a performance this afternoon, she is a biker.
OK a necktie is not to hard to throw together.
The girls arrive and Abigail said she really needed a leather jacket as well ! A quick search of my cupboards and I found some black leather, goodness knows why I had it! cut out a waistcoat and hoped my sewing machine would sew it.
To make it look more "biker" the girls sorted out sticky sequins and had fun sticking them on the leather in a V shape.
I think she looks great.. but then maybe I'm biased..

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quiltergirl424 said...

Diana, that looks fab, clever you and what a good job the girls did with the sequins.

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