Monday, 4 November 2013

A week in Rotherham

Yesterday we made the trip to Rawmarsh near Rotherham in both cars. We are here for a week to enable Chris to get a new chassis for his Land Rover.
Having arrived at the Old Police House we settled in and I started dinner... Then BANG the element in the oven blew up and after some resetting the electricity I managed to cook on the hob and with the microwave.

Today Chris set off for the garage and spent the day getting covered in oil/grease and goodness knows what ! Helping the mechanic remove the main body of the car. Sounded like he enjoyed helping and will be back there all week.

Body off the Land Rover

My day was spent at the Parkgate shopping centre, where I shopped until I was ready to drop!

Although I did find a little cross stitch time before collecting Chris from the garage.

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