Sunday, 10 November 2013

Lone Star in Log Cabin Quilt

4 sets of strips in order

Using the 45degree angle on my ruler

4 sets of 8 cut strips

I have been working on my Lone Star in Log Cabin quilt this afternoon.
I started by choosing six black fabrics and one red that I would use twice.
Cut them into 1 3/4 inch strips the width of the fabric [42"] and lettered them A to G [A and G being Red].
From my little scribbled plan I needed the following strips:
1 x A ; 2 x B ; 3 x C ; 4 x D ; 3 x E ; 2 x F ; and 1 X G
Next I joined then in groups of four ABCD ; BCDE ; CDEF ; DEFG
Using my ruler I made the first cut at a 45 degree angle [ marked on most rulers] and then cut 1 3/4 inch strips eight times.
Keeping everything in order I joined the strips together carefully matching the seams.
The final piece of the puzzle was to attach the white squares and triangles. Four 7 1/2 inch squares. One square 11 3/16 inch cut on the diagonals to give me four triangles.
Everything went together fairly easily. My next move will be to border the Lone Star and work out the size of my Log Cabin blocks that will surround it.

Lone Star completed


Ginny said...

Beautiful star! I am afraid to try this one....yours is really great. Someday....

Happy Room Diana said...

Ginny the method I have just tried was so much easier than one I made years ago cutting loads of diamonds and trying to fit them together.. have a go!

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Love it! Long time since l made one of these...
Well done :-)

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