Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tuesday at The Old Police House

Pretty avenue of trees

Decided to drive to Bakewell through the Peaks National Park today after dropping Chris off.

The weather is awful very misty and raining on and off... Guess it could be worse, it's snowing a little further north.

Aim of going to Bakewell was to visit the Needlework shop.. Could not find a thing I wanted so it was a cheap visit. Wandering back to the car I managed to buy two pairs of slippers and some great bargain clothes in two Charity shops.
Misty Lady Bower Reservoir

Took my sandwich to Lady Bower reservoir as I thought it would be a nice place to eat but the mist and rain were so bad I could hardly see across the water. Drove home to do some of my Amish cross stitch.

Some of my bargain buys!
Took a quick look at the Land Rover and it already has the old chassis out and the nice new shinny one in places when I picked him up later.

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