Friday, 22 November 2013

Machine Embroidery Day

Spent the day yesterday with a Machine Embroidery group at Bedford.
We decided to sew out the 12 days of Christmas in 5 inch blocks together with a larger middle block with the words 12 Days of Christmas.
Needless to say there was a lot of singing as we sewed to work out the order of the blocks!

As my friend Penny was away there was an empty machine beside me so I decided to use both of them, sliding back and forward between two machines was exhausting, but I did manage to get 11 of the 12 blocks and the larger block completed. This morning I sewed out the missing 12th block and now just need to put it all together.
Using two machines at the same time!

The central panel


quiltergirl424 said...

Look great , bet you were worn out going from one machine to another. So what is it when put together, wall hanger, table cloth ?

Hilly said...

Your eagle looks great, I have never done anything like that either, I am always afraid of the placing and the hooping, any tips would be appreciated, well done, love it.

Happy Room Diana said...

Hilly all I did was put two thickness of tear away with the jacket into the hoop and hoped for the best. I did try and line it up the best I could by eye.

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