Saturday, 11 January 2014

First IAM of the year

Thursday was IAM at my house. Seven of us met to work on craft projects. Ann was missing as she was having a knee replacement the same day. I think we are all getting old and needing bits of bodies replaced!

For some reason my camera did not take all the photos I thought it was taking so instead of having photos of all of us and our show and tell, I only have three photos. Could do better as my teacher always said! Clare does not appear in a photo and she had the most beautiful Japanese fabric quilt for show and tell.
Jenny Dorn and Shirley

Dorn's Christmas wreath

Maureen holding Penny's hand sewn quilt.
We had to finish the meeting early as I had a Physio appointment and boy was she brutal, making me do lunges and bend my knee until I could bend it no more. I am still wearing the hideous compression stockings but hope they will say I can leave them off next week when I see the Specialist again. Originally I left hospital with one white and one blue, but the nurse at our Doctors practice took pity on me and gave me a presciption for two beige pairs.

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