Monday, 20 January 2014

The Sewing Machine

Since my knee replacement six weeks ago I have set myself little targets each day to try and get back to normal [ whatever that is!].

Today was the big day... I decided to try using my sewing machine for the first time. I had no idea how much we use our knee when sewing, guess its something we just take for granted. My Brother sewing machine can be used with either a button [which I just do not get on with] or a foot pedal.
THE block!

I gathered all the things I would need to make a foundation pieced log cabin block dragged a chair to the machine and started sewing. I like to use a knee lift but found this impossible at the moment [ guess that will be a challenge for another day!]

I managed to make the block and feel like I've just won the lottery!
Not sure I will be able to make too many of them today as it is not easy but at least its a start.

With a bit of luck this using my right leg, with its new knee, on the sewing machine will be good practise for driving my automatic car again soon.

1 comment:

DUSTY said...

Nice quilt block, don't overdo. But get well quick.

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