Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy Room Progress

Stage One of the sorting the Happy Room. Chris cut down two long IKEA CD cabinets, one to act as an upright near the TV and the other to make into a shelf to connect to the two CD  cabinets I already have loaded with books. I used the curtain track to hang some of my swap fabric postcards. Hung a quilt painting I bought in the USA many years ago and put up the notice board Penny bought me for Christmas. The 'cups' behind the Embroidery Machine will be used for things relating to the EM, at the moment some have threads in and tweezers etc. there are also hangers for scissors.
The multiple thread holder I bought for the EM I do not use, so think it will be going on EBay, but I have a lot more room sorting to do before I have time for that.

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