Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Framer v IKEA

Just before Christmas I sent my Amish sampler to the framers having laced the fabric to foam board. I was please with the result but the cost was high about £120.
Yesterday I visited IKEA at Milton Keynes and bought a ready made frame for my latest Happiness Sampler. I cut foam board [ cheap from Hobbycraft ] to the size of the frame and carefully pinned along all four sizes, using the warp and weft threads to keep it straight. Put it into the frame and hey presto I think it looks good and only cost me £5 for the frame.
Pins along sides
Pins into foamboard every inch

What do you all think?

Amish Sampler
Happiness sampler


Ruth said...

Beautiful. They lok fantasti. Ruthie

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

I founda framer online that makes themadn mails way cheaper then any framer anywhere. Its called picture more I think in Brighton MO

Anonymous said...

Great job. I enjoyed that you blogged the free pattern and have done the first part. It's fun. Thank you very much. I think when I am done I am sending it to you for framing, ha-ha.
I made a kit for Helen in English for her birthday. I am doing it in German.

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