Saturday, 4 January 2014

What to start UFO v New project?

Awaiting blocking

I managed to finish the free cross stitch design I started late last year and also a UFO in the past couple of days.
Still available at ,

The UFO is a small cross stitch that needed very little work. I completed it and then mounted it on fibre board lining up one side with pins into the board and then moving around the other three sides pining every inch. Next I laced the back together and removed the pins, as soon as I am able to move around more freely I will cover the back and put a hanging loop on. The design is by Derwent water designs, called Pinetree Bay.

Pinetree Bay

My problem now is what to do next? I have a box of UFO's but mostly they are on Aida fabric and I really prefer even weave linen, funny how we change our likes, once upon a time I hated even weave!
I have a sampler Kimono that I bought many years ago and is still in its wrapper, if I decide to work on this it will mean taking threads out of my very organised DMC boxes... yes I know that is what they are for but! Ho hum must make a desision as I need to keep my hands busy and forget about my painful knee.

If your working on something I might like, especially if its a free design please let me know.


Brenda Hedge said...

Hi enjoyed looking. Love the sampler that you're waiting to block. Is it a free design and if so where could I find it? It is so homey and I love it. Love Pinetree Bay too. Good work. Thanks for the look.


MaryT said...

I am working on the same sampler:) Love it, it looks beautiful! I am like you not sure what to do next? I think I would start a new project.
Mary Louise in IN

Nancy in IL said...

Diana, it's a new year so start what is most appealing to you. I have close to 40 UFOs, and I really don't want to pull ANY out!

wichitastitcher said...

I am going to try and work on what I have started in years before now. I have started so many and they are just lying in their folder in my file cabinets. It is kind of sort of like Toy Story where the toys stay in the little boys room waiting for him to play with them. You can see I have grandkids LOL

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