Thursday, 30 January 2014

Two in the Happy Room!

Land Rover seats
Seats taking shape
Chris bought kits to replace the foam and covers on the Land Rover seats, so I kindly allowed him to come into my Happy Room to work on them as it is so cold in the garage, plus there is hardly room to swing a cat in the garage!  I guess I also had an alternative motive as I want him to do some alterations for me. 
The old covers and foams were removed and he found the bases that had weld joints needed re-welding, so that will happen this evening. He worked on the backs and head rests and they look really smart now, and I'm sure will give us a much more comfortable ride.

Removing the design wall

Starting the transformation
As Chris has to wait to complete his LR seats he started on my alterations and removed the design wall, which was just used as a junk notice board and was usually covered with a hanging quilt so of no real use.
Next he build an IKEA CD cupboard and cut down the size to match the height of the two I already have on the left of the picture. One of my favorite and most handy items is a set of cup type containers on a metal rod, so we purchased two more sets and they look really smart and will be SO useful. These were placed on the new free area.  Watch this space for the next installment!

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