Monday, 21 April 2014

12 - 19 April Scotland Holiday

There was very little Internet reception while on holiday so I could not blog.. here is a glimpse of our trip.

We set off at 6am on Saturday 12th April in the old Land Rover for the 400+ mile journey to Tighnabruaich, Argyll, Scotland. We arrived at the Lodge eleven hours later, it had been a fun journey with Richard Jacq and the girls leaving home at 8.30am [ in a faster car!] playing catch up with us. Having just bought a new phone I managed to text Abigail back and forth all the while on the trip, it was great fun and passed the journey quickly.

Our destination was Carry Farm where we had booked two four berth lodges next to each other. The girls spent the week flitting from one to the other, especially Eleanor!

This was the sight we saw on our first evening...
The end of the rainbow over our lodges
A double rainbow

It was a very restful holiday with walks along the shore, Chris and Richard taking some major long hikes, and lots of evening game playing. I found a jigsaw in the cupboard and could not resist it, I cannot remember the last time I did a jigsaw.
playing board games

Working on a jigsaw

Our lodges

Patting Barney the Donkey

Lambs born on Carry Farm the first night we were there

The views everywhere were just spectacular. Our site overlooked the Isle of Bute and many yachts and other sea craft sailed up and down between the island and mainland.
Threatening skies

Blue sky

Some yachts enjoying the sea

The last day was Good Friday so the girls had an Easter Egg hunt with lots of eggs being hidden in both lodges and some outside, I hid 46 in our lodge so Jacq probably hid even more in their lodge. The girls loved it and when they thought they had found them all [ at this point Jacq and I could not remember where we had put them all!] they divided them up.
Abigail trying the water temperature

Father and son 

Dividing up the Easter eggs

Hunting for missing eggs

Five lambs were born while we were there
An early start on Saturday saw us travelling home again, we had driven 922 miles in total, using 170 litres of fuel costing £235. The Lodge cost us just over £400 for the week.


quiltergirl424 said...

Great pictures Diana, some lovely views. Who did the jigsaw ??? Hope the girls didn't eat all those eggs in one go !

Christa said...

Super pictures. James' sister lives in Scotland and we keep thinking we should visit. Your pictures are nudging me. Thanks.

Christa said...

Good thing gasoline is not quite so expensive here since one daughter lives 600 miles away.

FinoFiend said...

Jigsaws are so much fun - but only when you've got good light! I hate it when there's a glare on the pieces. You all look like you're having fun and relaxing. I have a good cyber friend in Scotland and so want to visit one day. Hopefully, when I do I'll be able to spend time in both places and meet up with you, too!

Happy Room Diana said...

FinoFiend I wold love to meet up with you if you are in my part of England

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