Friday, 11 April 2014

Where did the week go?

It has been a hectic week with the girls here Monday to Thursday, all the while living with a terrible cough and cold!
Monday was craft day and the start of the clocks.
Tuesday we visited Miss Tiggywinkle at Haddenham near Aylesbury. They take in damaged animals and birds and give them a new chance at life. The girls loved seeing the creatures on the mend. There was also an interesting Hedgehog museum. We stopped at a garden centre for lunch on the way home.
Wednesday it was off the Emmaus a rehousing the homeless place that has a lot of different little shops of second hand goods. Not sure this was a good idea ;-) we took a couple of bags of goods for recycling and came home with stiletto shoes for Abigail and a tiara for Eleanor. They also bought a noisy piano and guitar!
Grandma [me] thought it a good idea to set up the new rock band in the summer house!
Thursday Grandad took the girls to the park to play on the bouncy castle and feed the ducks. Dare devil Eleanor age 6 climbed the 9ft high tower and swung around! Back home they collected tadpoles from my pond to take home to their own pond. They left at dinner time and peace reigned again.
Today I went to the hairdressers always an exciting time as Anton my hairdresser is from Estonia and all the staff speak Russian to each other, it's like being on holiday. Talking of holidays I then went shopping for food at Aldi to take with us as we travel to Scotland for a weeks holiday tomorrow. Richard Jacq and the girls are also on holiday with us.
Grandad and girls at Miss Tiggywinkles

The Rock Band

Clocks finished and looking really great

Shoes for a 10 yr old, Tiara for a 6yr old


quiltergirl424 said...

What a busy week, you definately need a holiday now. Those clocks are fabulous well done girls. Enjoy your holiday

Christa said...

You are a great grandma. Those girls are lucky ... and cute! I hope we hear about your holidays.

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