Thursday, 24 April 2014

Gardening and Sewing day

Yesterday although still coughing I felt much better and wanted to "get going".
I started in my garden which has been badly neglected lately due to my knee replacement.

I weeded borders [ where do they come from?] moved pots, pruned shrubs and bushes and planted a row of dwarf beans. I know it is really too early to sew bean seeds but I thought I would give just one row a go. I also planted a row of parsley. We have a real cat problem so I cover the empty garden areas with twigs in the hopes it deters them from using my garden as a toilet!

My Acers around the pond are looking wonderful at the moment, especially when we get a few rays of sun on them. The large red Rhododendron is just coming into flower, there are lots of buds so it should be a good show this year.

Two apple trees bought very cheaply at Aldi and quickly stuck into a couple of empty pots have burst into leaf, not sure I'll be picking apples off them any time soon, but hey one day!

I needed a break after all this gardening, so came and sewed out one of the BOM blocks I missed from class last week as we were on holiday.
Acers near my pond

Row of dwarf beans "cat proofed"

Two cheapo Apple Trees

Block 6 of BOM series

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