Friday, 4 April 2014


Yesterday was our IAM meeting. We were rather depleted in numbers as both Jenny and Clare were looking after sick husbands, plus Shirley was not well. Friend Pauline was having a few problems so I invited her along to cheer her up.
After the usual hour or so of discussing everyone ailments, ( we really are getting old ! ) we had a lovely day working on our projects, mostly cross stitch plus I was cutting up stacks of black and white strips of fabric into log cabin sizes.
Show and tell was great as usual, but I somehow forgot to take any photos.
The day went very quickly.
Hope next meeting will be back to full strength of numbers.


Quack Quack22 said...

hope all your friends get well soon, Diana! See you Thursday. x

fabriquefantastique said...

we have a social rule.
You can only speak about your health for 5 minutes.....10 minutes if its terminal.

quiltergirl424 said...

Really enjoyed the day, cheered me up and felt much better when I went home. Thankyou Diana

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