Saturday, 26 April 2014

BOM #7

BOM #7
Another block completed for my BOM project with BSK at Bedford.

I have chosen the colours of my lounge curtains for the threads but I am still not sure if I will make cushions and  a lap quilt or what I will do with the twelve blocks when they are completed.

Hooping up ready for the Embroidery Machine:

20" square of white fabric, cushion soft [ thin wadding] and tear away.

Fold the white fabric in half and half again [usually iron these marks in].
Using a 12 1/2" square ruler I line up the ruler to the centre folded mark [ 6 1/4" in any direction] and using a Frixon pen [ which easily irons off ] mark the outside edge and central cross.

Block # 7 only required this amount of marking, other blocks have required a further 1/2" mark inside the outside 12 1/2" mark.

Placing the tear away, cushion soft and white fabric carefully lined up central to the markings on the hoop I start with the top of the frame and work my way down the sides until finally screwing up the bottom nut as tight as possible [ I use a coin! ]. It is easy then to place in the EM and line up to the centre point [ most designs seem to have this marked] OR if needed by line up to a side marking.
Press the button and away you go. This will complete half the pattern, it is simply then a matter of moving the fabric around 90 degrees and rehooping to complete the design. Practise and good prep are the key.

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