Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Grandaughters at the Royal Albert Hall

What a wonderful evening we had on Monday, think I was too tired to blog yesterday!
It was a really long day for the girls as they had to get up at 5.30am for their hair to be braided and did not home until after midnight, both were exhausted.
We left home around 3pm and stopped in the most almighty rain/hail storm in Hyde Park to eat our sandwiches before parking at the hall for the evening. There were a lot of very wet people that had spent the day in London, we were glad we had booked parking.
Really difficult to get photos with no flash and the distance, but this one of Abigail is not too bad.

The girls dressing room was up in the "Gods" now called the Gallery, so they had a good view of the rest of the dancers.

Eleanor is on the front and from where we sat it was hard to get a photo
 but as she danced around the stage she spotted us and gave us a big smile.

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