Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Whiling away the hours

Whiling away the hours while feeling B minus, yes the cold lurgy still has its grip on me .

I decided to update my Crochet Project Bible.  Twelve months ago I started on my crochet addiction when one of my IAM group of ladies, Shirley, said she would teach us all how to crochet. We had so admired her crochet creations but started off with just a simple granny square.
I was hooked [ yes pun intended!] Here are some of the photos I have added to my project book of items I have made in the past year. Unless stated all wool used is Stylecraft Special DK.
WIP [work in progress]

Made in Spain with local wool, will be a bag

Hangs smiling at me in my Happy Room

Lily Pond blanket was a real challenge
Used Stylecraft Life wool... too itchy for me!

Spice of Life blanket

As we go stripey blanket 

Sophie's Universe WIP

Grey granny squares with flowers
My first crochet attempt

Persian Tile with Around the Bases CAL

Granny head rest for my chair

Attic 24 Spring wreath

Attic 24 Winter wreath WIP

Spanish wool bunting WIP

Book containing the names of the wool colours, start dates and pattern details
Shirley has a lot to answer for, but I thank her anyway.

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