Thursday, 10 March 2016

Out and About

Today started out as a "clear the clutter" day. In fact we had both been having a clear out, mostly of clothes. My criteria was 'If it does not fit, do not like it, have not worn it in the past two years' out it goes. Chris also sorted out his wardrobe, this all resulted in a Land Rover boot full of items for the charity shop!
While having this massive clear out I came across a load of photos that I had sorted out in 2003 when my Dad died. They were all in envelopes / jiffy bags with peoples names on. Sadly two of the ladies have since died but one old friend of my parents, Di, that has known me since I was born was still with us so today was the day to visit her. She is almost 94 years young and was so pleased to see us. Hopefully the old photos will bring back some happy memories for her.

Di age 93 and still fun to be with
From here we went to Emmaus at East Carlton Bedfordshire to drop off the charity bags and empty the car boot. Naturally we had a look around, it is one of our favourite places to visit. I was pretty good and only bought two new tops, they look brand new and at £2 each will be great for the summer. Chris bought an old AA map book for £1.50, he loves old maps.
It was time for a cuppa and who can drink hot chocolate without a slice of their delicious Victoria sandwich ?
Visiting the boutique and Coffee shop

Time to walk off the cake, so went for a very nice walk in Carlton Country Park. They have made it an interesting place to visit with a cafe, which we did not visit and different wood carvings along the tracks.

After yesterdays torrential rain the road to Harrold was marked "flooded" hey! we are in the Land Rover lets go for it. It was like driving through a river so Chris had to do it twice !

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