Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Friends and Family

Wednesday 28th we set off for Cornwall to stay with friends. My sister lives en-route so we called in for a cuppa and to see my nieces daughter who was over from Spain for a visit.

Tess with her head in a "book"
Two sisters
The journey was tiring and it started to rain as we entered Cornwall, but we were so happy to see our friends that had recently moved down south.

A walk in Falmouth

Cornish sandwich lunch at The Lookout

Stormy sky

At the Lizzard

A visit to Truro Abbey, beautiful stained glass everywhere you looked.

A modern lectern

The Abbey made from matchsticks

Loved these pottery bells in the Abbey

Met my niece Jesse with husband Richard and daughter Mabel
who moved to Cornwall about 15 years ago.

The wild Cornish coast

Fairly calm sea, with a lot of people learning to body board in the far beach area.

I see no ships !!
We had to leave on the Sunday due to commitments at home, but hope to return again when we have more time. Thank you friends and family.

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