Friday, 21 July 2017

The days fly by

Monday we arranged our Power of Attorney. So the day just cost us money! Plus we emptied the lounge/diner into my workroom in preparation for the new carpet
Once the room was tidy

Will it ever be tidy again?

Tuesday  I had my nails done and we visited friends Dorn and Bill for dinner and a game of Rummy 10, so a most enjoyable day and evening.

Wednesday we researched kitchens, there is so much choice it is hard to know where to go and who to choose. However friends Ann and Peter recently had a new kitchen and we spent a nice morning delving in her cupboards and behind panels.

Thursday was BSK at Bedford and I spent an enjoyable day making six little bags on the embroidery machine. While I was away the carpet fitters came and it was lovely to walk in to new carpet everywhere, the fact I cannot open my airing cupboard doors is a miner hitch!

5 small and 1 large bag all made in the hoop

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