Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The two settees go to a new home

 The two, two settee settees were donated to a good home last night, together with the radiator cabinet that held 300 DVDs. The lounge is looking very empty now as we are down to two odd chairs, if guests arrive will we have to bring in garden chairs!
The new suite will not be ready for ten weeks, but the new carpet is arriving next week.
One thing is leading to another, and because of the shape of our lounge / diner there will be a huge piece of carpet left over, so... the carpet fitter will also do the stairs and landing!
At least the only thing I will need to move regarding the stairs / landing is the laundry basket.
However in the lounge / diner there is still a lot of furniture, TV, cabinets, dining set etc.. that have to be moved out before the carpet fitters get here... guess my Happy Room will be FULL!

All this seemed like such a good idea, but now I wish I could wave my magic wand and it all be completed.  No word about the Cooker exchange yet !

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