Monday, 10 July 2017

Start of the house chaos

We decided to make a few changes around here, and a new cooker is the first item on the agenda.
I only have room for a free standing model and with only a 50cm gap it was very restricting as to what I could buy, plus they ALL have doors that open in the wrong direction for my kitchen making it slightly dangerous to use. So it has to go.
The new appliance is 60 cm wide which means removing shelving and worktop, but hopefully a narrower one will replace it, I need all the storage I can get in my tiny kitchen. Another bonus is a drop down front and the single oven means less bending, I cannot remember the last time I used the top oven in the old cooker so doubt I'll miss it.
CJ cleaning the old cooker before I put it on Ebay

The induction hob means new saucepans as only one of my old ones will work, they have to be magnetic.

Not know for my love of cooking, but I am getting excited to have everything new.

A little light relief from the clutter of home, Three hot air balloons fly over the garden.

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