Monday, 17 July 2017

So much happening

During the few days I have not had time to blog, so much has happened.

A workshop with Penny, Judith and Clare to make a seven compartment basket. The instructions were complicated and making the basket is even more complicated. We managed to get most of the fabric cut out and using Bosal foam started the machining, a whole day was spent and only one of the compartments was partially sewn together.  This is going to be a long project, but I am determined not to add it to my UFO list.
Starting the basket, SO many pieces!
This is Wimbledon fortnight and I love watching the men's singles, so a knitting project was just the ticket. I worked on my Leicester City socks and managed to complete one and start its pair.

One sock down one to go
My one red water lily came into flower, I just love the fact it closes at night and opens as soon as the sun comes out.

Such a pretty colour
I managed to get some of the machining done on my 7 compartment basket, which then needed a lot of hand sewing... perfect job while watching the Tour de France.

Such a complicated way of making a basket.
I still have no replacement cooker, but improvements to the home are still in the pipe line.


Christa said...

Love love water gardens. Your water lily is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

rithkhmer said...

thank you so much for this good informations !


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