Friday, 15 August 2014

All quiet

The girls went home last night and this morning seems strange knowing they will not be back to stay until half term in October. Apart from anything else the house is tidy, well as tidy as it ever gets ;-)

Yesterday was spent "at the salon" different hair plaits were tried with their long blonde hair and then nail painting, Eleanor achieved five different colours of nail varnish, Abigail three and me just one.

The lounge turned into a tip with a post office, toy and animal shop plus a cafe all set up. It was hard to find a chair to sit on so they then moved into my Happy Room and got out the Sizzix to make posters and pictures.
Next they wanted to play UNO so it was a mad dash to tidy everything away and the reward was a few games of UNO before they went home.

I so love having the granddaughters to stay and look forward to their next visit.
Abigail shows off her new nail polish

Eleanor loves the colours of hers

Playing in my Happy Room

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