Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 4 Mont de Marsan

The "Rescue" Hotel Arbor is very nice with one exception, no means of getting food or drink other than at breakfast and dinner. Luckily we brought the travel kettle, tea, Barley cup and a bunch of bananas from the car when we abandoned it.
Last night we ate dinner in the resturant which was very nice [and expensive], I had sole and Chris had steak, we were not asked to pay so we have no idea if the Rescue service are footing the bill or what!!!

I am beginning to feel like Tom Hanks in the Terminal, where he was not allowed to leave the airport and made himself at home. Chris has gone for a walk to see if he can find a shop open but it is Sunday and all the larger shops we googled are closed, apart from the fact we are a long way from anything.

Think I'll rearrange my suitcase for something to do. Wish I had not left my sewing in the car but we could not bring everything with us.
Chris going for a walk

Dinner at Hotel Arbor

My sole

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