Saturday, 30 August 2014

Day 3 Not as arranged!

After a good nights sleep we filled up with fuel [again!] and drove to a quaint Boulangerie with its wide range of breads and pastries. The village roads then turned into more major roads and we made good time.
Decided to visit Mont de Marsan to buy a few things when suddenly there was a terrible clattering and we limped into the Carrafour car park about 11am. Chris jacked up the car and investigated the problem but the bearings [ or some such thing] have gone in one of the wheels, so a call was made to Britannia Rescue in England. They were very efficient in getting us sorted out, even though it .took a long time. Garages in France close midday on Saturdays. Eventually at 2.30pm we were transported in a low loader to their yard where the car will remain until Monday and someone can be found to work on it. The Rescue company in England arranged for us to go by taxi to a Hotel for two nights.
So here we are in the Hotel Arbor with all mod cons and swimming pool at the expense of the Rescue company. When will we be on our way again is anybodies guess.
A wonderful choice of breads

In a tiny village we passed through

Will we see our car ever again?

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