Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer with the girls

Monday the grandaughters arrived again for four days, so we set too making a plan of things they wanted to do. The weather forecast was for lots of rain so we had to try and make the most of any good sunshine.

Monday looked like it might be nice so we set off for Woburn Safari Park, always a favourite trip.
We were lucky the weather stayed fine and after a trip through the animal enclosures in the car we walked to see the smaller animals in their pens.
Grandma needed a sit down, still having trouble with my new knee! so the girls spent a happy 1/2 hour exhausting themselves in the play barn until it was time for our picnic lunch.
Next we ventured into the bird glass house where they fed the birds.
The final adventure was to drive around the animal enclosures once again before leaving for home.
As we hit Northampton the heavens opened and there was torrential rain.



Eleanor feeds the birds

Abigail feeds the birds

A happy day out

Giraffes having lunch

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