Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hamtune Quilters

Last night I attended the meeting of Hamtune Quilters. The speaker was Sandie Lush. She had travelled quite a distance from Bristol to give us a talk and slide show on wholecloth quilts.

As soon as I see its a slide show I worry it might be boring and I'll nod off! BUT she was so well informed and such a good speaker there was no chance of a quick nap. As an accomplished designer and with a keen interest in wholecloth quilts...[ yes I still have one the size of a double bed started a few years ago with about 6 inches of sewing done on it!] she explained the differences between Durham, Welsh and Amish wholecloth quilts.

I have worked a number of her cushion size colonial knot kits.
One of Sandie Lush patterns for sale on her www site.

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