Friday, 22 August 2014

Machine Embroidery Mad!

Yesterday I went for my monthly Machine Embroidery meeting at BSK Bedford.
This is one day of the month that I always really look forward to.
Usually I pick up my friend Penny and we travel together chatting all the way but sadly she was unable to attend yesterday so I just had the radio for comfort.
As I reached Bedford the radio programme announced that Bedford had been voted the most miserable town but they gave the most to charity! This has never been my experience as I always have such a good time when there.

It is only a week before we go on holiday so I had decided I must not spend any money other than the course fees and to buy 10 yds of white tape to finish the Days for Girls bags.
What happened....
I bought the tape £1 but  then we were offered at less than half price fabric that had a [faded]  flaw in it so I had to buy 4 yds [£12]. Then I thought I really needed some more tape and elastic plus I got the offer of a couple of tops for the girls for another £1. I really must stop now.

A discussion about a design programme resulted in the fact they had one left "on sale" should I or shouldn't I? It is a £400 saving. I have still not really decided but must let them know today.
Ho Hum my cheap day out was a financial disaster, where was Penny to keep me under check!

8 of the black on white designs sewn out at BSK
plus the bird with a fluffy top and tail!
The calender for 2015 is a project I am working on at home.
ps... what did I not bring home... the ten yards of white tape I bought somehow got left behind!

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